Narcissist: 2 Books in 1: Narcissist & Narcissistic Abuse, a Complete Guide to Emotional Abuse and Unhealthy Relationships Recovery, How to Recognize Narcissism & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Struggling to survive and escape the preying hands of a narcissist? Want to find out how to identify a narcissist? Or are you simply feeling that your life has become routine and stagnant?

Two books are bundled: “Narcissist” and “Narcissistic Abuse” to give you maximum benefits.

The truth is… We all sometimes feel like we are not good enough in a relationship. But if you always feel as though as to be in fault then you need to take a step back and evaluate whether a person in your life is a narcissist.

For you to be able to survive and escape the preying hands of narcissists, you should be in a position to dissect narcissism into small pieces. With proven psychological concepts and models, you’ll understand how narcissism works and how to deal with narcissistic personalities. And that’s what you learn in Narcissist: 2 books in 1.

DOWNLOAD: 2 Books in 1: Narcissist & Narcissistic Abuse, a Complete Guide to Emotional Abuse 

The goal of this book is simple: providing the tools needed to survive the narcissist’s traps as well as recover from the psychological injury the narcissist inflicts on their victims.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The Most Toxic Forms of Narcissism 
  • 5 Common Techniques Narcissists Use to Abuse and Control Other People
  • A Tailored Strategy to Help you Deal with any Narcissistic Abuse Situation
  • Tips and Tricks to Escape Narcissistic Relationships
  • 9 Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Survive a Relationship with a Narcissist 
  • Why Doing what you Think is Right to do Feed the Narcissist, and What to do Instead
  • How to Overcome the Past Without Having Regrets
  • What to Do When You can’t Completely Detach from a Narcissist (Yet)
  • Why Dating After a Narcissistic Relationship Should not Be Rushed 

…and much, much more!

You will see that dealing with narcissists is easier than you think when you follow a simple set of rules. Narcissist: 2 books in 1 will help you learn what kind of monster you’re dealing with, and arm yourself with the life skills therapists teach to successfully escape the narcissist’s clutches and rebuildrecover, and reclaim your life.

If you are in a narcissistic abuse relationship and you want to get out, if you have a friend or a relative who has been captured in a narcissistic relationship, this book is for you. Even if you just want to gain knowledge about narcissism and protect yourself from possible narcissistic abuse this book will help you.

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