Enneagram: 2 Manuscripts: Enneagram + Enneagram Test. A Guide to the 9 Types of Personality and Build Healthy Relationships, A Sacred Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery and Spirituality

Feel overwhelmed by your negative patterns? Do you want to get back in touch with your roots and your deepest desires? Or do you want to investigate your strengths and weaknesses?

Two books are bundled: “Enneagram” and “Enneagram Test” to give you maximum benefits.

Many of us grow up believing that there are two primary categories of people in the world: the good ones and the bad ones. But what if I told you there are nine primary perspectives in the world, all of which can look at the same item and see nine different things?

The Enneagram can help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. The enneagram is meant to help you understand what is your purpose by helping you understand your own personality, your relationships, your motivations.  And that’s what you’ll learn in This Book.

Here’s what you’ll learn :

  • What is Enneagram, the History and how to Effectively Read It
  • How the Enneagram Test Actually Works and How to Interpret the Result
  • The Best Way to Deal With the Nine Personality Types
  • A Simple Strategy to Improve Self-Knowledge, Achieve Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement
  • Powerful Methods to Communicate With Any One of the Enneagram’s Nine Archetypes
  • Why Is it so Important To Live a More Authentic, Balanced and Fullfilling Life
  • The Benefit of Connecting With New People
  • How to Stop Overthinking, Overworking and Overreacting Now

…and much, much more!

Even if you have no experience with spirituality and consider yourself a skeptic you’ll be able to understand the Enneagram, because it’s based in real scientific studies done over time in humans as they’ve changed through the ages. Furthermore you’ll increase your self-awareness and discover your core identity. Enneagram is not any strict rulebook which dictates your decisions for you. Instead, the test and its results offer you insight into your personality, which better educates you to make your own decisions.

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