Covert Manipulation: Learn Persuasion and Manipulation Techniques You NEED to Influence People Through Emotional Intelligence, Dark Psychology and NLP (Win Friends, Persuade and Manipulate)

Do you feel as though you may be being manipulated in your relationship or the workplace? Do you need strategies to help yourself Advance through life and Win in every situation? Then Keep Reading…

Here’s the deal, you aren’t able to tell if someone is being manipulative with you and you don’t know how to defend against it.

This text has everything you may need to get ahead in life, whether it’s emotionally, socially, or even economically. Within the text of this book, we go through a variety of topics discussing and analyzing the psychology behind the manipulation. From history to real-life examples this book has everything you may ever want or need to know about manipulation psychology.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll find in this book :

  • The Best Way to Use Manipulation Psychology to Win Friends
  • Powerful Techniques and Methods of Emotional Manipulation
  • #1 Tips to Eliminate Manipulative People From Your Life
  • Why Persuasion And Neuro-Linguistic Programming Are so Important Nowadays
  • How to Quickly Tell If You’re In a Manipulative Relationship And Get Rid of It
  • The Best Strategies to Spot Manipulation in The Workplace
  • Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

You too can learn everything you need to know about manipulation psychology in this all-inclusive guide. Not sure if you’ll be able to use it in practice? No worries! Within this text has also been included a series of scenarios and examples to help you get the hang of pinpointing and understanding what emotional manipulation looks like in the real world. Have you suffered from low self-esteem in your life? I also go through tips and tricks on how you can improve your self-esteem over time!

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